Political Science Question

1 margin, double spaced, 5 pages and Must have a thesis, have to use Classical Liberalism, bill of rights by Thomas Jefferson, natural rights
Answer these question in a 5 page essay

How (or in what ways) does the Constitution reflect a compromise between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists? (i.e., How does the Constitution reflect the willingness of the Federalists to address the concerns of the Anti-federalist?) Why did we need a new constitution? What were the concerns of the Anti-Federalists? What were the concerns of the Federalist? What plans were involved in this compromise? Which part of the Constitution reflects the interests of the Federalists/Anti-Federalists? (Be Specific–you should list at least 4 examples here; maybe more!) How does it differ from the Articles of Confederation?
What are the core principles of the Constitution? Why has the Constitution endured for over 200 years? (Please use the lecture notes in Canvas). How is the nature of federalism influenced by the early debate between these two groups?
Conclusion–What can you conclude about the debate between the Federalist/Anti-Federalist and its impact on the framing of the Constitution? Do you think the Constitution needs to be amended? Why or why not? (Cite an example and find a current event (from a national newspaper/news source) to support your answer –either way, you should support your argument with the current event). CITE CURRENT EVENT IN YOUR CONCLUSION.

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