Political Science Question

Submit a research paper (7-8 pages) on the country you selected in the beginning of the semester. The topic of the paper is “Politics in Cameroon.. The paper should be well-organized. In addition to a cover page, table of contents, and introduction, the paper must have 4 sections.
The first section of the paper should provide geographical information and historical background of the country: location, population, resources, brief historical background;
The second section of the paper should discuss the political system of the country: political institutions, type of political system (authoritarian, democratic…), role of citizens and civil society (ethnic groups, religion, gender, the media etc.), the most influential political actors in the country etc.
The third section should address the social, economic, and political problems facing the country and a discuss of how the government has been handling these problems;
The fourth section should provide your assessment of the country’s level of development and your recommendations as to what should be done to improve the living conditions of the citizens.
Please use appropriate references whenever you quote or paraphrase somebody. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Any plagiarized statement will result in a failing grade ( 0 point). You must indicate the sources of your references. Any quotation or paraphrase must be followed by your analysis. Try to be analytical instead of just describing events. Therefore, the paper should not be descriptive but analytical. That means you must analyze the information collected during your research.
A paper without references is not scientific and amounts to plagiarism. Your bibliography or endnotes must have at least 5 sources. These sources cannot be listed in the bibliography if they were not used in the paper. Therefore, you must have parenthetical references (APA style) or footnotes (Chicago style) to indicate where the information came from. The paper must have at least 7 pages (double space) excluding the cover page, table of contents and bibliography. The paper will be presented orally in class.

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