Policing in the twenty first century (past, present, and future)

Evaluate and critique the case using the theories, facts, and
arguments raised in the accompanying chapter and lecture materials. The purpose of
these essays is to integrate the theoretical and academic issues raised in the chapter with
the real life examples covered in the case studies. Only a small portion of the case study
should be devoted to a restatement of the facts of the case study.
You must, in the writing of the essays, use, incorporate and cite the class lectures,
textbook chapter, and five academically rigorous outside sources. These essays will be
graded on the following criteria: (1) demonstrated mastery of the chapter and case study;
(2) analytical sophistication; (3) substantive use of the lectures, textbook and additional
sources; and (4) organization, writing proficiency; and overall presentation. The cases are from the book crime and justice learning through cases. Case #8 I would like the essay to be on and Chapter 8. MLA format in text citations, with reference page.

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