please do it :)))

please do it :))). Objective:Develop an annotated bibliography as part of the gathering sources research process.
Directions: Step 1:
Review the following information about annotated bibliographies:
Annotated bibliographies are usually done for research paper like this one. The idea is that you put on together before you begin to write your essay as a way to organize your research. The paragraph that is added in an annotated bibliography (that the Works Cited doesn’t have) tells you what the article was about and how you can use it, so that you can go back to these sources as you begin writing the actual essay later.
With that, we will develop an annotated bibliography for this essay. That way, you can keep yourself organized, and I can see the research you are (should be) doing.
If you need further review or a sample, don’t forget to go back to your Annotated Bibliographieslecture.

Step 2:
Do some research!
Remember that per the Essay 3 prompt, you need to find five resources to use as your support, Remember that two of those have to be from the Cuyamaca College Library Databases (Links to an external site.) (the other three can be from Google, but make sure to review our Research Guide and the CRAAP test for checking sources).
Note: For help navigating the library, you can go to our Research Guide or for a quick overview, go to Reminder: The Cuyamaca’s Virtual Library.
Go through the databases and Google and find five to seven articles that could be used as your support for Essay 3 (I say you can go up to 7 because it might turn out that not all the articles work once you begin writing, so it is nice to have extra). I recommend that you email the articles to yourself.
Step 3:
Create your own annotated bibliography that includes the five-seven sources you plan on using for Essay 3. What that means is that you will list all five sources in the MLA citation and then write a short paragraph underneath each one that tells us what the source is about and how it might help you with the essay (Remember to look at the Sample MLA Annotated Bibliography
to make sure you are formatting correctly). Be sure to be very detailed in your paragraphs and include not just a brief summary of the article but a note on how/why it would be useful in your argument. You should list at least 5 sources here.
Note: Remember to follow MLA formatting and note the difference between a Works Cited and an Annotated Bibliography.

please do it :)))

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