Phase 3 Usability/Prototype

Assigned Usability: Wireframes for the website
This assignment is expected to produce a set of wireframes and is to produce a substantial analytical paper of 10 pages the assigned usability category.
A wireframe is a visual guide to the layout of a site, focusing only on structure, not on the site’s look and feel.
Look at the pdf image attached.
For example, the above image is a wireframe for a website found online. Notice that it does not include the images, and the font choice is deliberately random, to indicate that it’s just placeholder text.
That’s so that viewers will understand that they’re supposed to focus on the “framework” of the site — where the different components of the site are located relative to each other — rather than the details of the various elements.
Using the Website Usability Study you just completed, create three (3) example Wireframe/Prototypes. Provide a detailed explanation for each prototype.
Each prototype submission should have a writeup that is one (2) pages in length.
Your set of wireframes should include mock ups for your intended
Home page,
Item page,
Visualization heavy page,
Text-Based Details page, and
Generic About page.
To draw your wireframes, you can use Axure, Photoshop, Visio, PowerPoint etc. Make sure though it is converted into a PDF for readability when being submitted.

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