Personal Essays for UChicago Harris MA Public Policy

– Questions:
1. Why policy? Why Harris? (350 words)
– what policy interested me: regional inequality, especially employment for the disadvantaged populations such as unemployed laid-off urban workers, women, migrant workers
– My personal efforts in pursuing my passion
– Why Harris is a good fit

2. Describe briefly the biggest challenge you have ever faced. How did you tackle it and what did you learn? (350 words)

3. Where do you see yourself getting involved in the community during your time at Harris–either at the University of Chicago or in the city of Chicago? (350 words)

4. My specific interests in policy (350 words)
SEE writing samples.

– Requirements:
1. Please go through the official website: to what candidates is the program looking for. Especially, please look into the student’s experience and academic focus of the school.
2. The references provided are Master in Management’s personal statements. In writing the essay, please make sure the materials are properly tailored to showcase that: 1. I have had a profound grasp of Public Policy; 2. I am passionate and curious about public policy;

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