Personal and Business Letter

Context: We most often write letters to persuade an audience. We write cover letters to persuade employers to hire us. We write letters to Santa to persuade him to bring us presents, not coal. We write love letters to tell our crushes secrets that we could not bear to say out loud.
Some people suggest that letter writing is a dead art, due to the advent of technology. Yet, we also find the strategies used in letter writing in many formats today: in emails, text messages, and social media posts. For this project:Craft two, 1-page letters aimed at a specific audience of your choosing:1) Compose a humorous letter with emotional strategies;2) Compose a business letter that attempts persuade your audience for a favor.
The Format:• Include common letter conventions: contact info (addresses), date, salutation, body, closing• Keep the letters to exactly one page, usually about 250-500 words• Consider your writing style and voice for each letter: match your style to the letter’s format/topic• Single-space with extra space between sections/paragraphs

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