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I think that this can go both ways, but mainly I think be learn to be innovative. I believe that some people are born with natural creativity and innovativeness, but that is usually the base of becoming great at being innovative. As stated here, “It is important to remember that creativity and innovation are things that can be cultivated. Only one-third of the ability to think creatively comes from our genetics, the other two-thirds of the innovation skill set come through the learning and practice of these five discovery skills” (wires, 2010). After learning to be innovative, it then becomes more natural. You are able to see things in a different perspective that you normally wouldn’t. Like all things, repetition makes things easier over time. With a business, they need to continually challenge their employees to keep their minds sharp. To do this they can offer a few options to their employees. The first thing a business could do is offer business trips to better their skills. By taking their employees to venues it allows them see what techniques are out their and how to continually improve themselves. The next thing a business could do is send out emails that ask questions about new business routes that could be taken for the company. These routes could be products or a simple change in the business strategy. These emails could allow for the employees to express themselves and what they are thinking.

An innovative person that I admire is Elon Musk. Not only is he someone that I look up to, but I chose him for my project as well. Elon Musk thinks outside the box, and is always looking to better himself. Elon Musk mostly became known with Tesla, an electric car company. After becoming very successful with this company he has now started to dig into a few other things as well. These things included SpaceX and The Boring Company. Considering he is basically a one man show with Tesla, Musk was throwing a lot on his plate with SpaceX being added. Musk actually tweeted, “To be frank, in the early days, I thought there was >90% chance that both SpaceX

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