Patient tracer

Patient Tracer:
Utilizing the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care handout on how to conduct a “walk about” conduct a walkabout in your clinical setting (MY HOSPITAL) to understand the patient perspective. Write a memo to your instructor/supervisor with the findings per the guidelines in the handout ( 2 pages, word document, APA format). Note: Do not take photos and you are not required to perform the walkabout with anyone else, as the handout recommends.
A minimum score of 8 is needed to fulfill this requirement.
Please refer to course syllabus for RUBRIC (see rubric attachment)

Link to “walk about”:

If you don’t currently have any patients or families identified as advisors (DO NOT HAVE) invite several patients (2) and families (2) who have received care at your organization to participate. It is helpful to have more than one patient or family member participating in the “walk-about.” Select patients and families who are willing to share their opinions (for guidance, see “Selecting, Preparing, and Supporting Patient and Family Advisors” in the resources titled, Advancing the Practice of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Hospitals: How to Get Started and Advancing the Practice of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Primary Care and Other Ambulatory Settings: How to Get Started available at

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