Overview and Rationale

In this project you will implement the simulation techniques learned in the module to select a best project among two or more projects under consideration. A primary tool in such selections will be the benefit-cost analysis for each project.
Problem:Corporations have to select among many projects that are under consideration by the management. Their primary instrument for evaluating and selecting among the available projects is the benefit-cost analysis. In this analysis, both the annual benefits and the annual costs deriving from a project are estimated in several different categories. Then the total benefit is divided by the total cost to produce a benefit-cost ratio. This ratio is then used by corporations to compare numerous projects under consideration. A benefit-cost ratio greater than 1.0 indicates that the benefits are greater than the costs, and the higher a project’s benefit-cost ratio, the more likely it is to be selected over projects with lower ratios.
You will use the Excel file in the project as described in the project directions. Note: Neither Excel Macros nor R packages should be used.

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