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Give an approximately 250-300 word response to the following questions. Use paragraph format when responding, and when necessary, cite your sources using MLA Style. Answer each part of the question completely and accurately. In Chapter Two we studied formal methods for evaluating the validity of an argument. QUESTION:In your own words explain why there is a need for formal methods of evaluating arguments versus simply using the informal methods discussed in Chapter 1.Think about the computers and technology that you use on a daily basis.When you made choices about which technologies to use or incorporate into your life, think about some of the factors or arguments that led you to make those choices? (For example: friend’s recommendation, commercials on TV, social media postings, etc.)Write an argument for choosing a specific technology. Include what that specific technology is and why a person would want to purchase or use it. (This might require you to do a bit of research to learn more about the technology piece you are writing about.) Use the standard argument format for your argument.Which formal method of evaluating an argument (we’ve discussed two) should be used to determine if your argument above is valid? Explain why would this method work best? Here’s the portion where you examine the language you used to determine which of the two methods would be used to determine if your argument is valid.PreviousNext

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