ORG 6011 Learning Engagement 5

You have been hired by the Walton family to design a marketing mechanism to change the images of Walmart, Inc. from its current state of “none caring for employees” to that of a company anybody would wish to be employed. Offer your educated opinions supported by OD industry experts.
This article “Giving and Making Sense About Change: The Back and Forth Between Leaders and Employees” is not directly related to this week’s LE topic, but you can use its concepts in your LE (initial post/ peer replies).
Make sure you support your thoughts with credible sources of information you may find via LIRN.
Understanding the individual and collective skills needed to change the image that people inside and outside an organization have of that organization requires learning and mastering the necessary skills and using them creatively. For this reason, OD is referred to as art and science and not just skill and knowledge.Engage with this week’s LE creatively using your knowledge and experience, and with the general use of the concepts expressed in the article “Giving and Making Sense About Change: The Back and Forth Between Leaders and Employees”. Here, there is no right or wrong answer, but the answers can be appropriate and more appropriate, appropriate here means “It works”.
Be sure to proofread carefully (Use Grammarly – the premium version! Make sure your writing score is more than 90) and cite your sources (APA 7.0 ed)

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