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Write 1 to 2 more pages focusing on methodology practicality, corpus
how to collect it step by step which country/ies which source-type of school, accuracy—what has been covered so far in US, Europe, Asia etc…where is the gap …
2- A full detailed outline of the research project (with bibliography) powerpoint. NEEDS TO BE PERFECT
Let me know what you intend to do before writing it…please check with me first for validation . thank you
Examples of references
Ruhlen’s ‘mother tongue’ theory
The Power of Pedagogy: Negotiating identities of competence in the language classroom. Jim Cummins University of Toronto, Canada
Kramsch C (2009)-the multilingual subject
The plurastic approaches to language learning the other references that can be advised

(elements that could be tackled: Linguistic and cultural norms: what should be taught?
Primary/secondary…etc adult… school foreign language teaching/ESL and learning: difficulties-solutions
Pluralistic techniques include an integrated didactic approach to languages, an intercultural approach to languages, Multilingualism etc….
The important thing is to be able to related to the research question showing in depth analysis and proving novelty and contribution.
How and where will you inlcude info or miss info/dissemination/indoctrination?

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