Obstacles and Difficulties of Being a Team Leader for a Multinational Corporation

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Thank you for helping me out with this assignment. Below are the instructions which have been given to me. You are given a scenario where you are the team leader for a hypothetical multinational corporation. Most of the response can be based on your own ideas, however I would suggest doing some research on the cultural backgrounds of the team members that you will be working with in this scenario. It will help you develop a more informed response. For any sources that you use please cite them in Chicago format. Because there are different ways of citing in Chicago format, I have provided you with this link below which will show you exactly how my professor wants the citations to be formatted. Other than that, please follow the instructions closely and answer all questions. It may need to be a little longer than 550 words if that’s not a problem. Once again thank you for your help. Let me know if you have any questions.

You work for a medium-sized multinational corporation….that is, a corporation which has various pieces of its operations in multiple countries. It is headquartered in the United States.
You have been placed in charge of a Top Team which is working on a large software development project,
That has sub-teams of five people each working on pieces of it. There is a sub-team in Taiwan, one in Chennai (India), and one in Romania. All the people on each sub-team are from that same country.
Each sub-team has a leader who is on your Top Team, plus also on your Top Team, and physically in New York with you, are
a U.S. born and raised Product Liaison, female, non-minority, raised in North Carolina, age 30, Master’s degree in Information Technology from UT/Austin, who stays in touch with the client for whom this software is being developed; the client is a large, U.S.-based multinational corporation. There is deadline pressure and also a tendency on the client’s part to continue to want to change the specifications for the software. This project is a VERY big-ticket item for your company.
one Russian-born and raised male programmer with a computer science degree from ITMO University, now an American citizen, age approximately 45;
one Chinese-American female programmer/systems developer (her parents immigrated from mainland China before she was born, but she does speak reasonable non-technical Mandarin due to having been sent to Chinese school from childhood) with a degree in computer science from Stanford, age approximately 25
one U.S.-born and raised male programmer, English language only, minority or non-minority as you choose, with a degree in computer engineering from Swarthmore College, known for its high-pressure academic standards (“nerdiness”) and the diversity of its student body, age approximately 25.
So you have a team of seven direct reports on this project, three of them in other locations around the world.
The project needs to be in beta-testing by September 1, 2021.
You have at your disposal any and all electronic communications tools you think will be useful (specify which ones, for what, and why), plus you do have a travel budget which will allow YOU to travel to each of the remote sites twice during the time period, or allow you to travel to them once and their team leader to you once, or allow you to have their team leader come to you twice.
Pick a name for each of the seven members of your team, and do an imaginary personality profile based on your footnoted research into the cultural profiles of their ethnic/geographic backgrounds.
You may add to any of the profiles information derived from your personal experience, being sure to footnote that experience in detail.
What will the likely communications obstacles be between your New York team and the remote teams? Why? What can you do to manage/prevent/resolve those issues?
What will the likely obstacles to creating true collaboration/team effort/morale in the New York team, and why?
What are the culturally-derived difficulties you face managing a global team under deadline pressure?
What other issues, if any, do you foresee that will require special thought and effort on your part, and what if any ideas do you have for how to approach resolving them?
(You may be interested to know that this exam question is based loosely on the real-life situation of a member of this class about five years ago…..)

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