Nursing and the Aging Family Week 4, Discussion Question 2.

With the realization that pain is highly prevalent among older adults, please answer the following questions:
DQ#2: What is the prevalence of pain in older adults? How will you, as a nurse, be more aware of pain issues related to older adults and what will the nurse incorporate into practice?
For all DQs: Please abide by APA 7th edition format in your writing. Answers should be 2-3 Paragraphs made up of 3-4 sentences each, at least 250 words (more or less) in length.
AND, please use your assigned textbook as, at least, one reference, or 10 points will be deducted.
Text and Materials
Eliopoulos, C. (2018). Gerontological Nursing (9th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.
ISBN: 978-0-323-40167-8
American psychological Association (2019). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association: The official guide to APA style. (7th Edition). American Psychological Association.
ISBN: 978-1-4338-3216-1

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