Molecular biology: p53-downstream protein expression changes and COVID-19

This lab focuses on finding the way to lower the COVID-19 death rate. The result from our homework assignment II, showing p21 is the potential COVID-19 virus target protein in human cell. Next step, we are looking more potential p53-downstream protein expression changes to contribute the cell cycle arrest in human cell. Now again, this is your research project and please try to find the solution for below questions,
What are the technologies needed to identify p53-downstream proteins involved in this event, please show THREE of technologies, excluding immunoblotting assay (NO detail information of each technology, just name them)?
Could you detail the experimental steps for one of technologies needed for this research?
If you try to validate your results from above technologies by using immunoblotting (Western blot) assay, could you detail the experimental design and steps of immunoblotting assay to compare the health and infected cells?

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