MIS 330 Final

I have attached my draft down below as well as rubric and instructions
This is feedback from my TA that needs to be revised in the draft. Minimum 3500 words.
For your introduction, make sure to include a clear and defined thesis. The writing outline is a conversation, your thesis is your argument and contribution to the conversation. What do you have to say on the topic? What argument and claims do you have and want to prove centered around the topic? Your thesis should focus on something you want to talk about around the conversation. Support your thesis with the main body of your paper. Include relevant research that supports your argument. Make sure to narrow your focus on the programs and software the products operates on. What about these products best represent your thesis? How do their programs and software support your thesis claim? Make sure all of your research is properly cited. If you have questions contact your friendly neighborhood T.A. or make an online appointment with the university writing center.

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