Mental Impact Social Media Has on Today’s Adolescents

I am an intern currently working at a local high school that is very diverse and it is made up of Hispanics/ Blacks/ Asian/ Pacific- Asians and Whites
and I counsel these kids with various behavioral issues and social issues. I recently wrote a paper on “mental impact social media has on today’s adolescence” this is the third part and it must include two theories. The theories I’ve chose are “LIfespan Development Theory” and “Phenomenology/Social Constructionism Theory”. I also need a Scholary Article pertaining to the topic with NO passwords to open and a Reference page. Please include a Flowchart. This paper must be in WORD FORMAT and I should be able to edit if needed.

Sub-heading 1: Introduction
1. What are you reviewing (topic, theme, issue, problem, etc.) and explain why you chose it for this assignment. **This is not
necessarily the title of your chosen article. Here you are briefly discussing the overarching topic, theme, issues, problem, etc. that
seems to be somewhat massive in scope (macro level).

2. Explain why you believe this (topic, theme, issue, problem etc.) falls into social work’s scope? What makes the social work
profession and its practitioners best suited to address this (topic, theme, issue, problem etc.) above and beyond other professions?
**Think about and integrate the principles and values social work is built upon as you address this section.
3. Succinctly describe the population most impacted and why? How does this population or sub-population fit in with your field
Sub-heading 2: Body
4. Summarize what your chosen article is about and its relevance to the identified population.
5. Identify and provide descriiptions of the two theories you selected; discuss each theory’s primary assumptions. Explain how and
why you decided on these two theories. **The two theories for each assignment are to be selected from the appropriate sections
indicated above in the formatting section.
6 Discuss what each of these theories interpret, predict, clarify, and/or conclude about human behavior in the context of the selected
topic, theme, issue, problem, etc. Address what these theories have to say about the resultant human behavior. **This section
should be based on information from your text. It is up to you to determine whether your selected theories can interpret, predict,
clarify and/or conclude; you don’t have to address all four avenues. Feel free to incorporate additional sources here if they assist
in being able to better explain your chosen theories and observable and/or anticipated human behavior, be sure to cite and list
them on the reference page.
Sub-heading 3: Conclusion
7. Discuss at minimum one strength and one limitation of EACH of your two selected theories and why these strengths/limitations
exist. **This information should specifically be about the theory and the way it is constructed or empirically supported. Identify
and discuss to what extent each observed strength and limitation influences each theory’s ability to interpret, predict, clarify, and/or
conclude about human behavior in this context. **You do not have to address all four areas underlined.
8. For each theory, format your topic, theme, issue, problem, etc., impacted population or individual to the appropriate flowcharts.
**Construct this as two visual diagrams as outlined in the text. Use information you have researched to briefly fill in each section
of the flowchart. Take the direction in your flowchart you believe most appropriate based on what you know and go as far as you
can based on the route you take. Attach them to the back of your paper right before your reference page.

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