Management Question

26.Develop a risk management plan
27.Probability-Impact Matrix:
Create a probability impact matrix, as described in chapter 11. You should identify each theoretical project risk and define its probability of occurrence (low, moderate, high), its impact (low, moderate, high), and its risk score (scale of .00 to 1).
Risk Scores are calculated as the probability of occurrence (1- high, 0-low) and can be highlighted as:
Following is an example of a chart you can use to select your risk score based on the level of impact and probability.

Procurement Management
32. Create a table of contents for this assignment
33.Develop a Procurement Management plan
34.Choose something to purchase for your project. Assume that this purchase is needed for your business. You will create an analysis of this purchase with the following components. This analysis is typically composed before searching for a provider or a specific product to meet the following qualifications.
Project/ Company Description
Include a brief description of your project and organization (this can be 2-3 sentences from previous reports)
Identify the Need for the purchase (and needs purchase will meet)
Specify Hardware and Software Requirements for the purchase
List requirements in a chart or list
Project Stakeholder Management:

35. Create a table of contents for this assignment
36.Develop a Stakeholder Management plan
37.Stakeholder Register: Chart with name, organizational position, location, role, contact information, major requirements, expectations, influence, areas of interest, internal/ external, supporter?

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