Management Question

Marketing Plan 1. Develop the marketing plan for the catering event. The marketing plan is required to include Market, Demographic, Geographic, and Psychographic segmentations the 4 P’s of marketing. 2. Provide the completed marketing plan3. Provide the Budget task information on all marketing costs for the catering event.
Budget 1. Develop the budget for all costs involved for the catering event (i.e., menu items, equipment costs, marketing costs, staffing costs, venue costs, etc.). The budget must include major cost headings and their associated costs below the major heading. Make sure to show the number of hours each staff member worked, their hourly wage, and the total cost of wage for each staffed worker. Include a grand total for each major cost heading. Provide a brief explanation where the funding for the catered event comes from to cover the budget costs. 2. The minimum budget is $1,000 and the maximum budget is $100,000. 3. Ensure the budget costs are realistic.
both marketing plan and budget has to be seperate tables. You should check the document that i uploaded and use the information from there

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