Making Target a Target

Making Target a Target. 1. Make a list of the top 3 issues in Case 2 “Making Target a Target”
2. Pick ONE ISSUE from your above list that you believe is the MOST URGENT and MOST IMPORTANT problem for the company and describe the following:
Why is this issue urgent for the company? What will happen if they don’t act now?
Why is this issue important for the company? What will be the effect of this issue if it is not addressed?
(Note the differences between urgent and important: If, for example, you learn that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is knocking at your manufacturing plant’s door, the issue is far more urgent than if you had received a letter from them informing you they will be at the plant in a month for an inspection.)
3, For the problem you chose in 2 above, write an analysis section.
This means: Write why you think that is the main problem out of those you’ve listed. Give 2-3 relevant facts that you believe suggest that this is the main problem.The analysis should examine the dimensions of the problem or issue and significance of the facts for the firm’s objectives. Where did the problem come from? How did it affect the business? What will happen if the problem is not addressed?

Also write the goals for a solution. In a perfect world: What will the situation look like after it has been resolved?

Making Target a Target

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