local environmental issue or problem

First I need a outline in word format, APA. Then I need a 10 slide power point presentation.

Instructions for outline in word format:
1. carefully read the instructions for the Week 7 assignment, PowerPoint Presentation;
2. determine your topic and begin research on it;
3. form an outline (example below);
4. include a references section with at least 5 references; and,
5. ask any related question by sending me a message.

Grading Rubric:

Submitted detailed outline using format provided in example – 20 points
Limited/focused topic – 15 points
2 well-defined solutions provided – 15 points
Each solution thoroughly explained – 5 points
4 costs and 4 benefits provided for each solution – 15 points
Each cost/benefit explained – 5 points
Recommendation given, using costs/benefits to argue for the better solution – 15 points
At least 5 references provided – 10 points

Outline Template:

I. Title and name

A. Introduction

1. State environmental problem and give background

a. Background details
b. Background details
c. Continue as needed . . .

2. Environmental problem

a. Environmental problem details
b. Environmental problem details
c. Continue as needed . . .

B. Solutions to problem

1. Solution 1

a. Explain
b. Explain
c. Continue as needed . . .

2. Solution 2

a. Explain
b. Explain
c. Continue as needed . . .

C. Costs

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