Literature Question

The second 100-point major essay is a 700-800 word literary analysis based on ONE of the poems by John Keats (or Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ozymandias”) that was taught and discussed in class. Students are assigned to follow the nine guidelines for writing a literary analysis essay (see whiteboard below) and to organize a full-sentence outline in advance. Their purpose is to analyze; to “analyze” means to break down into parts or principles in order to understand the whole. It means to take apart in such a way that complete understanding of the whole can be acquired by consideration of its components. All student papers should follow the nine guidelines of writing a literary analysis essay, be organized into paragraphs, have a clear thesis statement followed by topic sentences supported by adequate, relevant details, an original title, an interesting lead, and follow MLA format for page layout as well as both in-text and end citations.
The writing material I choose is “Ode to a nightingale (1819)” which can be found on page 5 out of 9 on the pdf file attached.

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