Literature Question

Participating students must address the topic or question offered for reflection in roughly 300 words. If essay is not submitted by specified time, it will not count
Grading criteria: This essay will be graded according to the following aspects:
Delivery and consistency following the topic. (0.30 of a point)
Content, accuracy, and logical development of your individual argument. (0.75 points)
Prose quality, style, and grammatical and punctuation. (.20 of a point)
In a 300 word reflective essay, address the following topic.
Prompt:Compare and contrast briefly the works of Grotius, Hobbes, Pufendorf and Vattel and establish which and why (in your thinking) developed best the concept of individual and collective sovereignty.
– If you use other sources please cite them in APA format and it needs and introduction, development of your argument, and conclusion, all in separate paragraphs, but keep in mind its a reflective essay so I would use a lot of sources.

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