Literary Analysis

This is for an English 1 class. The prompt is copy and pasted below. The prompt references a book that the essay is supposed to be centered around, called “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” by Erika L. Sanchez.

The prompt gives a few examples of what themes I can focus on with the essay, and I think I want to go with family.
Here is the prompt….

Literary Analysis Prompt
Literature is a reflection of life and the human experience.

Examining I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, consider how the novel enlightens the reader on different points of the human experience.

For this essay, pull out a theme of your choosing and consider what the novel reveals about this theme. In your essay make a distinct claim and use evidence from the text to support your argument.

You may consider themes found in the novel including but not limited to gender, family, wealth, love, death, success, ambition, pain, competition, peace, education, fun, regret, logic and rational, cowardice, nature, relationships, culture, tradition, mental health, etc.

Your essay should be 4-6 pages and in MLA format.

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