Legislative Issue PT.D

Part D – Testimony
After submitting your brief, prepare a short written and oral (video) testimony. The written testimony should align with and reflect that the oral testimony is to be about three (3) minutes long. Play the role of a social worker providing testimony in front of legislative committee members who will vote on a bill.
Written Testimony:In a succinct document, include the following:
Your name and where you are located (city/state)
A title
State whether you support or oppose the proposed legislation and why
Use the bill number and title of the bill (Example: HB 1234 An Act Concerning Firearms)
Summarize your recommendation, then explain your rationale
Use facts and data to support your testimony
Restate your position on the bill
Thank the legislators for their time and consideration of your position.
Provide contact information and offer to answer any questions.
There should not be any spelling or grammar issues, and the testimony should flow.

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