The purpose of this discussion is to examine your leadership skills, determine your leadership gaps, explore developmental opportunities, and differentiate between a leader’s strengths and a manager’s skills.
Reflect on your personal and professional experience using the lessons in Week 1, your NR703 Self-Reflection: Performance Behaviors of Transformational Leaders, and the Strengths-to-Strategy Plan results. Address the following:
1. Describe and give examples of your two strongest leadership competencies and two most significant leadership gaps, weakness, or developmental opportunities. (1 paragraph)
My 2 strongest leadership competencies as a Director of Nursing of a Home Care Company are as following:
Empowers People
• Trusts others to act
• Encourages individuals to take action
• Builds confidence
• Creates a collaborative culture
• Reacts with situational awareness
Builds Relationships
• Demonstrates relationship behaviors
• Exercises social awareness

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