In this activity, interview a member of another generation about workplace trends. Identify the person and generation.

Choose an adult to interview from one of the generations listed below.
Millennial, born between 1982-1998
Generation X, born between 1961-1981
Baby Boomers, born between 1943 – 1960
Silent Generation, born between 1925 – 1942
Interview the person by asking the following questions:
What is (was) your career field?
What is (was) your last job title in that field?
What were your family’s expectations for you? That you succeed as well as they did or better than they did? Explain.
Would you describe your culture as traditional? Why or why not?
Are (were men and women treated differently I n the workplace? Why or why not? How?
What are (were your employer’s expectations of your attitude toward your career and family?
Do you think you had freedom in choosing your career? Why?
Use the results of your interview to prepare a report discussing and sharing the results to your professor.

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