Just Culture Assignment (20%) Due Module 2 at 2359 ESTJust Culture Assignment (20%) Due Module 2 at 2359 EST

Please review the rubric below and be sure you include all sections in your paper. Each of the sections thread the concept of a Just Culture together.
A just culture exists when organizations recognize that individual practitioners should not be held accountable for system failings over which they have no control. A just culture recognizes that many errors result from predictable interactions between human operators and the system in which they work. Just Culture does not mean no blame or blatant disregard of clear risks to patients or gross misconduct.
Being proficient in the KSAs of the QSEN Safety competency is necessary for an organization to have a fair and just culture. When a Just Culture exists there is a systems approach to adverse events and better support for the second victim.
Prior to completing this assignment you will attend a synchronous sessions where you will be introduced to the concept of a Just Culture. Then in small groups you will take a deeper dive into the Just Culture decision guide. Upon the completion of the session you will complete the Just Culture assignment following the rubric below.
These 4-5 page papers will be completed individually. You will discuss the concept of Just Culture, the impact it has on patient safety,and the second victim, and reflect on your small group work.
The grade will be based on the following: adequacy and rigor of the content, relevance of the selected issue and conclusion, adherence to APA 7th edition style and professional/scholarly presentation. For specific grading criteria, please refer to the grading rubric below. (~4-5 page paper limit, not including title or reference pages. You don’t need to address all KSA, but interweave them into your paper).
Students will demonstrate proficiency in QSEN’s Safety competency and KSA and a Just Culture.
If you need to use the writing center, please make sure you do in advance so that you will have sufficient time to incorporate recommendations prior to the due date. A good deal of weight is based on your writing skills, APA style, as well as your content.
Please upload all papers via Turn it In link via each paper assignment. You will need to do this BEFORE the due date of the assignment as you must review the originality score. If this score is above 25 you must review your paper, make modifications and resubmit. Please review your Turnitin (TII) report and make any necessary corrections before submitting the final paper. Note there is a time lapse with your submission to TII and the return of your report, please plan accordingly.

Introduce the concept and purpose of Just Culture
Describe the purpose of the paper
4 Points
Impact of a Just Culture on Quality and Safety
Describe impact of a Just Culture
How do staff and patients benefit when organizations implement a Just Culture
What specific KSAs from the graduate QSEN Safety competency allow for optimization of a Just Culture?
Explain how the mentioned KSAs can be implemented in the practice setting
8 Points
Just Culture and the Second Victim
Describe how a Just Culture can support the Second Victim when an adverse event occurs.
Discuss a formal strategy (from the literature or course readings) that can be employed to support the Second Victim as a part of a Just Culture
6 Points
Reflection on Group Work and Case Study
Reflect on your experience applying the Just Culture algorithm/decision guide in your small group This should be a personal reflection addressing the following areas:
When reviewing the Just Culture flowchart, was the group in agreement with end point for each employee? Explain why or why not.
Was your initial reaction to a decision the same or did it change after going through the algorithm for the employee(s)? Please explain.
Was it difficult to remain objective during the process? Why or why not?
Reflect on any insight gained regarding incident reporting or evaluation of near-miss or adverse events in a Just Culture.
8 Points
Summarize the key points of the paper, referring back to the sections of the paper.
5 Points
The page limit does not include title, or references
Abstract is not required for this paper
Review TII and address all concerns before submitting your paper
Demonstrate ability to write a graduate level paper using APA 7th edition format

4 Points
35 Points

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