Judaism discussion

Most religions have dietary regulations that are observed by the faithful. For Jews, these are the Kosher laws. For this discussion, imagine that you were to prepare a kosher meal that includes an entrée, a side dish, and a beverage. Include the following in your initial post:
– Title your initial post in such a way that it reflects the meal. Titling it “Judaism Discussion” or something similar is unoriginal, does not entice others to read it, and could result in a deduction (the word “discussion” should not appear in the title anywhere). – Provide a description of the meal you would prepare (including an entrée, a side dish, and a beverage), along with an explanation of why each item is kosher.- Discuss what you could have done that would make the meal non-kosher. This does not mean substituting different items, but rather refers to additions to the proposed meal and/or changes in the preparations. Explain why the changes make the meal non-kosher.- Provide at least 2 MLA (Modern Language Association) format research source citations: MLA Citations.
I am not looking for recipes, I want to see a conversation in a well-written paragraph or two (of at least 200 words). As a disclaimer, I am not asking you to actually make the meal, just to write about it! Visit the meals proposed by your classmates and engage them in discussion. This involves providing meaningful conversations in the threads of others as well as maintaining your own thread. Ensure that you provide original writing (do not copy the words of your sources), proper grammar, correct spelling, and appropriate punctuation in all of your posts.

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