International development in the agriculture sector – assessment of donors’ engagement and programming priorities

Follow the structure below, please, and the information must respond to the type of questions included below:
1. Between 1980-2000, the period of structural adjustments and the Washington Consensus – how was agricultural development conceptualized? Was agricultural development a goal? What were the objectives in the development of the sector and what were the type of interventions?
(I guess is related to free market, liberalization of the agriculture sector and export-led growth, but please research and provide insightful information) – 350 words approx
2. The MDGs from the 2000 – how do they conceptualize development in the agriculture sector and rural development?
Here poverty reduction, rural development and agricultural development start to be a bit more linked – develop and look for literature – 350 words approx
3. What about the SDGs in 2015 – do they change the way the international donors’ community see agriculture and rural development? – 250 words approx.

4. Donor-specific: the WB tends to shape overall development thinking, but since there is specific material for the WB, please do a brief analysis of the following:
4(a) WB in the agriculture sector between 1998 and 2008 – 200 words
4(b) The World Bank’s World Development Report of 2008 (look for this report and use it for this point) focused on agriculture and includes the main strategic orientations that shape WBG programming in the agriculture sector after 2008 – 350 words
Type of information that needs to be included:
• How does the World Bank frame agricultural development?
• How does the World Bank link poverty, growth and rural development?
• What means or types of interventions are defined?

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