implementation documentation and presentation about the data integration and data preprocessing

AimThe purpose of the phase 2 report is to summarize what you have done in the previous steps (e.g., phase 1 report and assignments 2 and 3) and report your group’s final analysis (e.g., descriptive analysis and data visualization). Your group’s presentation will also be graded as a part of the phase 2 report. More details will be explained below.
What to Include for the Phase 2 ReportYour project report is the main deliverable. As a guide, your project report should contain the following sections and address the following questions.
Introduction: What is the medical condition your group selected? How is the condition prevalent? What are the known causes and treatments? Are there any known influential factors? What are your research questions for this group project?
Related Work: Are there any existing studies that investigated the same or similar topic? If so, summarize what they did. You can also add some details that you could not cover in the introduction section.
Methods: How did your group preprocess the data? Summarize what you have done in assignments 2 and 3 at the abstract level. What statistical test(s) did you apply to answer your research questions? Please show the rationale to select these statistical test(s) (e.g., categorical vs. numerical, normal distribution vs. not normal distribution).
Results: What are the results? Please include test statistics and interpret what they mean. You can include graphs to support your findings, too.
Discussion: Pick a few of the most meaningful and/or puzzling results from the previous section and try to explain why they happened and what they mean. If you can only speculate, try to be as specific as possible.
Conclusion: What did you find, and why is it important?
Title of the project
Names and EUIDs of the project group members
The order of contributions like authorship (e.g., first author, second author, third author, and so on.)If you believe that some of you or all of you contributed equally, then you need to state it.
Here, contributions include all phase reports plus the research methods assignment.

PresentationEach group will present their work on Dec 1. Please note that the presentation will be made earlier than the final due for the project report. Each group will have 15 minutes in total. You can spend about 10-12 minutes for presentation and 3-5 minutes for Q

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