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Should we fear the algorithms, robots and automation that appear in our everyday life? What about the bots on internet? Why or why not? What aspects of a robots/AI make them feel more human? Do you think you can identify when you are communicating with a bot or do you think they are programmed so realistically that it is harder to identify? Will technology be able to replace humans in areas of communication? If yes, which specific areas? Finally, what are your general impressions of robots or automation in the present and future?
The following grading criteria is used for discussions.
The student showed initiative; provided a thoughtful answer/contribution, interpreted, synthesized, or integrated various threads; or redirected the discussion in ways that remained on-topic. The student contributed regularly, and the first contribution was on time (before 11:59 pm of the first week of the module)
The student contributed more than just facts and responded to the implications of other students’ ideas. The student’s level of contribution was acceptable or of average value
The student’s contribution was acceptable and of average value. The student’s response to other posts was only agreement and not an attempt to move the conversation forward
The student’s contribution was straight facts. There was no response to other posts
The student displayed a lack of preparation and/or insight in their posts. The student hardly contributed
The student did not participate

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