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Historical Research Questions
Historical research questions often focus on the following points:

How or why an event occurred
What the consequences were of a particular event
What the origins were of a particular idea
How the context of an event contributed to its cause or how it occurred
How individuals or groups participated in a particular event
What trends were occurring in a society at a particular time
When researching history, primary and secondary sources play a vital role in answering the historian’s questions. Researchers refer to primary sources for material created at a historical moment in time by someone who was somehow involved in the event. Primary sources include (but are not limited to) letters, human-made objects (tools, clothing, art, etc.), diaries, photographs, eyewitness accounts, social media posts, videos taken at the scene that go viral, and news reports at the time of the incident. Many historical events, especially of the last few hundred years, may have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of primary sources!

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