hsm 494 Health service mgmt ingern

The Biden Administration recently issued two new policies regarding Covid -19 Vaccines.
Using the OSHA (Occupational and Safety Administration) requirements, the policy will require that any employer who employs more than 100 workers must require employees to be vaccinated or be tested as negative on weekly basis. Additionally, all unvaccinated employees must wear masks at work.
Via the Department of Health and Human Services (HMS) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), all healthcare facilities must require that their workers are fully vaccinated. Since most healthcare facilities receive payment from CMS and to continue to receive these payments, they must comply.
Several states are challenging the constitutionality of the policy. However, until the policy legal challenges are resolved, healthcare mangers must plan and comply.
Some people have extraordinarily strong feelings regarding these policies. As a future health care manager, consider and address the following from the management perspective:
Identify two specific reasons that will provide positive benefits for your facility and the management of the facility, by instituting and following the policies described above.
Identify two specific reasons that will present a management challenge for your facility and the management of the facility if the Biden Policy is found to not be constitutionally legal and is voided.
Present your material utilizing professional and grammatically correct language.
Include correct APA in-text citations and a correct APA Reference list.

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