How to create Grammar Infographic

STEP 1: Review this module and pick one punctuation or grammatical topic you find most interesting, relevant, or useful to your own life. This could be proper end punctuation, hyphens, dashes, parenthesis, brackets, ellipses, apostrophes, quotation marks, commas, semicolons, colons, fragments, or run-ons. Review this topic carefully in the Study Plan.
STEP 2: Create an infographic that addresses the punctuation or grammar concept you selected. This can be done as a Word document, PowerPoint slide, Google Slide, or using a program of your choice, such as Canva, or Easelly. Include appropriate citations and references in your poster as needed.
Your poster must include at least three good examples of your chosen concept and at least one bad example. These should be original examples, created by you.
Your poster must include at least two images or pictures.
STEP 3: Post the link to your finished infographic here, or upload the file directly. In the comments section for your submission, add in a paragraph about what you learned from the assignment and how you plan to improve your writing moving forward while being more aware of the concept you chose.

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