How does the sexualization of women in advertisements affect the body image of young girls?

Make sure to answer the questions below:
How does advertising overall affect the way we perceive the world around us?
Have women’s bodies always been sexualized for marketing?
Are male bodies sexualized too? How does the sexualization of male bodies compare to that of women?
Since studies on the above subject have come up, how has advertising changed to reflect this?
Explain your answers clearly by building a firm foundation and a clear thesis. Yes and No answers without any explanation/foundation will not earn any grade.
Instructions for successful completion of this assignment:
This research paper should be your own ORIGINAL work.
Please make sure that you include a minimum of five scholarly sources.
You can only use scholarly sources in your paper. You cannot use newspapers and magazines.
Your submission should not exceed SIX double-spaced typed pages excluding bibliography- (works cited per MLA).
Your submission should not be less than FOUR complete double-spaced typed pages excluding bibliography – (works cited per MLA).
Your paper should be double-spaced using the MLA format on standard 8/12 X 11 inch white paper only – 12-point font – Times New Roman.
Only Word document will be accepted. Any other forms of submission will NOT be graded.
Include a well – developed introduction, conclusion, clear, coherent, logically and neatly divided body paragraphs.
Include only standard English language. Do not use any slang or jargon in your writing.
Writing should be free from any and all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.
Please use third person voice only.
Do not include any images (pictures, graphs, tables, or images of any kind) in the 4-6 pages allocated for research.
Please include your scholarly sources in the body of your research paper using MLA format.
Your bibliography (works cited) must consist of ONLY those sources which have been included in the body of your research paper.
Please consult the attached writing rubric.
Late work will not be accepted.
*Please remember to be respectful. Any mention of political parties, political leaders (past or present) , religion, race, gender and class will lead to an AUTOMATIC failing grade.

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