hotel customer relationship and management -Current event PPT presentation script.

To help broaden your and your fellow students’ knowledge of emerging trends and practices in CRM you will find an article from a credible industry magazine/media source (for example, Skift, NYTimes, Forbes Travel, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Washington Post, etc.) on a current event (published within 3 months) that relates to the lecture topic of the week.

For those presenting during the first class, keep the topic general with an article demonstrating the importance of successfully managing customer relationships during the current pandemic crisis.

This order need one at least 400 words presentation script and a five page PPT.
Choose topic related to tourism or covid-19, new technology, smart hotel, sustainable hotels. VR and AR, or unique brand experiences.
This topic and main thesis of this presentation should closely related to customer relationship management.
Topic is about hotel current event and related to customer relationship management (CRM)
Discuss:Name of article; publication; author
A brief synopsis of article (should NOT exceed 30 seconds)Don’t read the article! Just provide a very top-line summary emphasizing the key point(s)

Why you chose this article and how it relates to a current topic and section of the textbook
Your reflections on this issue
The implications for CRM.
One question you have for the class relating to this subject.Be thoughtful with the question you ask your fellow students.
This assignment is meant to have you think about and discuss CRM-related topics but also actively engage the class in a meaningful, substantive discussion. Avoid yes/no or other binary or simple-answer questions. Instead ask one that requires the class to think and apply concepts we are studying in class.

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