HILD 7B: Race and Ethnicity in the US – Asian American History,Public knowledge project:

Public knowledge project:
Choose one option. All content should be submitted digitally through canvas. All content is viewable by other students in this class.
OPTION A. Conduct a short historical interview of an Asian American family member, acquaintance, or friend who was
born before 1970. The interview should be at least 30 minutes in length and your questions should reflect your knowledge of
Asian American history from at least two lectures and one reading. Turn in a video recording and transcript.
OPTION B. Film yourself explaining a poorly understood or unknown aspect of Asian American to a friend or family
member. Your explanation should be between 10-20 minutes in length, and it should include detailed information from at least
two lectures and one reading. Film both your explanation of the history and your audience’s reaction. Post as a youtube or
vimeo film and turn in the link. The larger purpose of this assignment is to engage someone outside the class in a meaningful
discussion about something you learned in the course.
OPTION C. Create a series of three short tiktoks capturing the significance of at least three key moments in Asian American
history with substantive references to at least two lectures and one reading. Try to choose moments or events that you think
are not well-known or are poorly understood. Submit your videos and screenshots of all reactions to your tiktoks.
OPTION D. Create an infographic that you think addresses a theme that more people need to understand about Asian
American history. at least two lectures and one reading. You may use canva, visme, or whatever program you prefer. Post your
infographic to a social media site of your choosing and turn in screenshots of the infographic on your social media account.
Include screenshots of comments you get in response.
OPTION E. Create a storymap narrating the history of Asian Americans in a particular place. While you are welcome to use
outside sources, you should make sure to substantively engage with at least two lectures and one reading from this class.
How will the public knowledge project be graded?
Category Extraordinary Quite good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
How thoroughly did
you demonstrate
knowledge of specific
Asian American
history from this
class? Did you
reference lecture(s)
and reading(s), and did
you include specific
facts drawn from this
10 pts: Demonstrated
thorough, deep
understanding of one
critical historical
moment or showed
mastery over
interrelated, linked
events. Showed this
mastery through the
inclusion of specific
data drawn from this
9 pts:
Demonstrated good
basic knowledge of a
particular moment in
history and showed
this mastery through
some inclusion of
information drawn
from this class.
Analysis was not as
deep as it could be,
however, and facts
were either not
sufficiently explained
or there was not that
much rich detail
7-8 pts:
Decent attempt at
thinking about a
specific moment in
Asian American
history, although the
treatment was fairly
superficial and lacked
rich details and
insufficient references
to content from class.
1-6 pts:
Attempted to
reference key
moment(s) in Asian
American history but
showed some
misunderstandings of
that history or did not
include obvious
related content from
Did the project really
weigh what it means
to produce for a
“public”? Did the
product show some
consideration of who
ought to know what
parts of Asian
American history, how
the public narrative
ought to be shaped?
Was the project
creative and
thoughtful about
5 pts:
Obvious thought and
care put into drawing
in a targeted audience.
Clear effort and
creativity in final
product. Success in
reaching targeted
4 pts:
Some thought put into
drawing in a targeted
audience. Some effort
and creativity. Clear
evidence of public
engagement, but
mostly by coerced
friends and family.
Could have been more
polished or more
carefully considered.
3 pts:
Fairly superficial or
inadequate care put
into reaching a
targeted “public.”
More for
entertainment than
public knowledge of
Asian American
history. Limited
response by public.
2-1 pt:
Lacking in care, effort,
or consideration of
public knowledge. No
public response

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