Help the company improve the income based on its serivce

Introduction to the organization
BAAC Office, hereby also known as ‘the Company’ for the purposes of this report, operates to provide accounting and administrator services primarily in the North American region. The Company’s dominant service comprises of the optimization of businesses’ operations on the NetSuite platform. BAAC Office does not facilitate the adoption of NetSuite, or similar platforms, but rather adapts and enhances client’s competencies on the platforms. Operations have recently expanded to optimization of businesses on the Zoho One platform, which pertains to similar applications as NetSuite for small-scale businesses at a lesser cost.
Requirement (the purpose is help company improve the sales and improve the company’s value in 5 years)
Develop an additional customer segment – the Company could adopt a ‘cookie-cutter’ (for lack of a better word) segment of operation
Like, BAAC Office could provide personal accounting serivce on NA to get more customers and income.
I need details about how to carry out this project and the expected revenue in the next five years.

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