Hello there, I need some help with these very easy BUS 301 (Applied Business Communications) questions please.

Question 1
A(n) _____ is an interview format generally used in the screening process in which an interviewer follows a predetermined agenda, including a checklist of items or a series of questions and statements designed to elicit the necessary information or interviewee reaction.
Group of answer choicesstructured interviewunstructured interview
virtual interview
series interview
Question 2
Which of the following is a useful consideration for phone interviews?
Group of answer choicesPausing if you need to collect your thoughtsGiving long answers and speaking at a fast pace
Pausing if you need to collect your thoughts
Using the interviewer’s first name unless specifically invited to do otherwise
Question 3
Which of the following is true of an application message?
Group of answer choicesIt interprets a résumé in terms of employer benefits.It is informative and thus written deductively.
It does not provide evidence for qualifications.
It is sent to prospective employers only when requested.
Question 4
To bring attention to your application message, the subject line for an unsolicited application must:
Group of answer choicesdescribe the specific value you can add to the company.contain the term “urgent.”
begin with the phrase “highly confidential.”
begin with “re” to pass it off as a reply to an earlier message.
Question 5
Which of the following should be researched by a candidate about the company with which he or she interviews?
Group of answer choicesHe or she should research about the corporate officers of the company.He or she should research about the profits earned by the company.
He or she should research about the clients of the company.
He or she should research about the outsourcing activities of the company.
Question 6
A _____ is the organizational format for résumés that highlights an applicant’s transferable skills.
Group of answer choicesfunctional résumésequential résumé
chronological résumé
multimedia résumé
Question 7
Ecotron Inc., a solid waste recycling company, extends a job offer in writing to a candidate. The company requests for a written acknowledgement of the job offer from the candidate. In this scenario, the candidate should write a _____.
Group of answer choicesjob-acceptance messagethank-you message
follow-up message
job-resignation message
Question 8
In a(n) _____, because each applicant answers the same questions, the interviewer has comparable data to evaluate.
Group of answer choicesstructured interviewvirtual interview
unstructured interview
series interview
Question 9
A _____ needs to be submitted if a company uses an electronic applicant-tracking system.
Group of answer choicesscannable résumévideo résumé
multimedia résumé
beamable résumé
Question 10
A common courtesy during the opening formalities of an interview is:
Group of answer choicesbeing conscious of nonverbal messages.being able to fulfill job requirements.
being aware of the career path of a job position.
Being prepared to answer standard interview questions.

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