You have the opportunity to write about an ongoing, real time public health problem, the pandemic outbreak and public health measures to address it. This essay must contain a brief introduction to the health issue. Please include what public health issues are associated with this pandemic, what you would like to see changed, and what you would like to see maintained. This essay should be at least one page. You are not graded on your opinions but on the supporting evidence for those opinions. In addition, bring in information from your films, Rx for Survival. What linkages do you see with the currently problem and health issues mentioned in the films?
1.Introduction:Provide an objective overview of the public health issue, what issue is the article highlighting; discuss why this is a public health issue.
2.Discuss the causes of the current (current year) problem and describe the severity of the problem (Who is affected, what are the currentstatistics)
3.Identify public health agencies involved (or should be involved) with thisissue. (What steps are being taken to address the currentproblem?)
4.Identification of the interventions discussed in the article and how they relateto the types of interventions discussed in our HSCI 345 course readings

2 outside sources and also the book if necessary

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