H360/HSA4150 Section 01 Healthcare Planning and Policy Management Module 2

Many social issues are tied to healthcare, including healthcare coverage for undocumented people, childhood vaccinations, religious beliefs that prevent people from getting care, healthcare coverage for same-sex couples, and end of life care.
In a 3-4 page paper, select a social issue and discuss how healthcare plays a role. Share your thoughts on whether the social issues and the healthcare industry are aligned or whether they do not seem to be on the same path. Be sure to include the following:
Identify the specific social issue.
Provide specific examples of the social issue with how it relates to healthcare.
Discuss whether the healthcare industry has an ethical or moral responsibility relating to the social issue.
Discuss whether healthcare is an advocate of the issue and explain why and how.
Use at least five credible sources, with three being from the Rasmussen College Library.
Use in-text citation throughout the paper with paraphrasing or quoting.
Include an APA formatted reference page.

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