Framingham heart study

This course provides an introduction to data analysis, interpretation, and visualization. Utilizing a public health dataset, you will analyze and interpret the data and create a report. Completing the final project report is similar to completing research to be accepted in a journal. The completed final project is not due until Week 7 of the course, and you will complete parts of the final project as you progress throughout the course.

This week, you will select either the Framingham Heart Study or the Nurses Health Study for your final project. Review the information for each study in the Biostatistics Final Project Materials folder (linked in Welcome and Student Resources and Week 1 Overview and Learning Materials). The folder contains:

Final Project Guidelines
Background data for each study
The codebook for variables
Excel Files
Initial post

List 10 variables of interest from the dataset you have selected for your final project. Indicate whether each selected variable is categorical (nominal, dichotomous, ordinal) or continuous (interval, ratio). Develop 5 research questions using the variable. Each question should use 2 variables (for a total of 10). Explain briefly why you chose these questions.

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