Five things to do to ensure you write a good reflective essay

Five things to do to ensure you write a good reflective essay.

A good reflective essay

reflective essay

Writing a reflective essay is one of the tasks that scares students since one has to flashback to what they have learned or experienced and reflect it in the essay. You may be required to write a reflective essay on a variety of things including a topic, an experience or an event. Despite what you are supposed to write the reflective piece on, there are basic steps you can follow to ensure that you get a good score in your essay. The steps are discussed below:

Understand the topic/assignment

When you have been given a topic and you are supposed to write a reflective article on it, you need to analyze the topic to clearly understand what the instructor requires you to do. In the event that you have not been given the topic, you have to choose one wisely since it is a major determinant of whether your essay will turn out to be great or not. You should, therefore, choose a topic whose theme is close to your heart so that the content of your essay will easily flow in a reflective essay format.

Gathering information

This stage depends on your topic. There are some topics that will require you to remember things, others will require you to read, others listen, and others watch. At this stage, you should be diligent enough to spend enough time re-experiencing your topic. Once you experience your topic, describe the experience in writing. Use clear adjectives when describing your sensory experiences. You can also use reflective questions to get as many ideas for your reflective essay as possible. Since there are a number of them, you must first select at least three out of the many then answer them.

Refining informative resources

To refine your resources, you need to decide the direction you want your reflective essay to take in terms of what is the most important thing you want to convey through your essay from your experience. That ‘most significant thing’ becomes the thesis of your piece.

Writing a draft

Once you have formed the thesis statement for your paper, you can now organize the ideas and information you gathered in step two into a draft reflective essay

Finalize the essay

At this stage, you proofread your draft for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and typos. It is at this stage that you also put together the references you have used in your essay.

With these five simple steps, you can be able to write a reflective essay, but if you want one done professionally, please contact us at Acemywriter where we offer professional reflective essay writing services.

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Five things to do to ensure you write a good reflective essay

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