Financial Accounting II HW

Please solve all these problems, the questions and examples are in my college book, if u tutor me send me your email so that I can send you pics of my book so that you’re able to answer all these assignments. I can’t upload all the pictures on because it won’t let me. Very generous tip if work is good and accurate.
Chapter 20 Assignment: BE 20-1, BE 20-2, BE 20-3, EX 20-1, EX 20-3 , and EX 20-6
Chapter 21 Assignment: BE 21-1, BE 21-2, BE 21-3, EX 21-1, EX 21-3 , and EX 21-6
Chapter 22 Assignment: BE 22-1, BE 22-2, BE 22-3, EX 22-1, EX 22-2 , and EX 22-5
Chapter 23 Assignment: BE 23-1, BE 23-4, BE 23-5, BE 23-6, EX 23-1, EX 23-4, EX 23-5

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