Film Response

View The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) by Robert Wise
Answer questions with response
1. What does the government do when the space ship arrives?2. What is the spaceman like? What happens and why?3. Who helps the spaceman and why?4. What does he do as a show of power and what do you think of it?5. What is the film saying?Include your response.
Response requirement:
Reflective Response on each Film1) Write a 200-500 word essay in formal academic format.2) Final copy will be submitted with the questions.3) Essay can be one paragraph.4) Include film title in italics, director, and release year.5) Do not do any research. Ideas should come from you and the film. Think about it. 6) It is NOT a summary of the film.7) May use first person “I” point of view.8) Content includes a thoughtful, reflective response to the film.a. What did you think of the film?b. How did it make you feel?c. Which course key terms and ideas are represented?d. How do you see yourself in the film?

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