Family member facing a challenge/struggle/obstacle (your choice, ex. cancer)

Create a story based on your family member, with the main themes being: facing a challenge/struggle/obstacle, and finding courage and resilience. The purpose is to learn from our ancestors or family members about how to be resilient in the face of major challenges and struggles (NOT A BIOGRAPHIE). Work further on applying and mastering the storytelling techniques (dramatic story arc) and devices (8). You can refer to the GoogleDoc I’ve sent you for example (only activity 4 and 5). It needs to come from you, so there’s no sources to include. Be creative about the moment he/she is facing and don’t forget to include and highlight 8 writing storytelling techniques (story arc, monomyth, in medias res, nested loops, suspense, foreshadowing, imagery, point-of-view, aposiopesis, epiphany, characterization, methaphor, simile, etc.). If you have any questions, contact me!

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