Excellent solution for discussion is all I want

Excellent solution for discussion is all I want. No student of the electronic university should have the same solution, otherwise my grade will be zero.
The discussion questions is:
1- The field of entrepreneurship is experiencing incredible rates of growth around the world. People of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities are launching businesses of their own and, in the process, are reshaping the global economy.
* As you currently studying Entrepreneurship and Effective Small Business Management Course (MGT-402), List the most 6 important knowledge points that you have learned so far (MGT_402 Added Value)? (3Marks)

2- No longer are small businesses limited to pursuing customers within their own borders. The dramatic shift to a global economy has opened the door to tremendous business opportunities for those entrepreneurs willing to reach across the globe.
* Discuss the role of information technology as one driver of such dramatic shift? (2 Marks)

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