Essentials of the Research Plan

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Answer 2 essay-style questions about research proposals ( 1 to 2 paragraphs per answer)

Question 1:
Explain the components of a research plan. Should be at least 1-2 thorough paragraphs.
Question 2:
Assume that you are a health care researcher and you are tasked with proposing a research topic.
Choose a topic of interest to you.
Include the following questions with at least 1 to 2 sentence answers in your answer.
1. Topic of the proposed research proposal. Explain why you chose this topic and how it is related to health care administration.
2.. Describe the sample population you will research. For example, will you research a public group (city, county, population in a city such as the elderly), or professionals (RNs, Therapists, etc), Leaders, Managers (nursing directors, hospitals administrators, team leads, etc)?
3. The type of research you will conduct and why – qualitative, quantitative, secondary data, mixed methods? Choose and explain briefly.
4 The methodology you will use (surveys, statistical analysis, etc)?
5. How you will analyze the data?
6. Where will you get funding? Visit for some potential funding for your plan.
7. How will your research help health care administration improve in the future?

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